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Affordable and Satisfying Vaping Experience with Tugboat Vape

Tugboat is a famous brand for a pocket-friendly vaping experience. The manufacturer offers a unique range of vaping flavors that bring happiness in every puff. Tugboat vape e-juice contains 5% nicotine salt. You can find both pre-filled and pre-charged vaping accessories from this manufacturer. Nevertheless, the Tugboat Vape India comes with a rechargeable mouthpiece to give you the convenience of vaping on the go.


What is Tugboat Vape?

Tugboat vape comes in an ultra-disposable design, packaged in a small, transparent plastic wrapper. You will notice an array of colorful vaporizers when you remove the wrapper. Tugboat vape mouthpieces are lightweight to render effortless portability. The gradient color scheme makes the vaping devices visually attractive. Moreover, the vibrant colors ensure you do not easily misplace the items. You can buy Tugboat vape online at our online store.

Buy Tugboat Disposable Vape Online in India

Our website showcases the Tugboat disposable vape devices for buyers. You can browse our online store and identify the best vaping device according to the Tugboat vape price. We offer authentic Tugboat vapes, available in multiple colors and flavors. Choose your favorite flavor and order online at our online store for a hassle-free Tugboat vape refill purchase.

How Much Is Nicotine in a Tugboat?

The Tugboat giant e-liquid comes with 6.5 ML of liquid, which contains around 5% nicotine. You can also find Tugboat e-liquid with different tank capacities. For example, buyers can find 10 ML e-liquid, but the nicotine content remains unchanged. All Tugboat e-liquid contain around 5% or less than 5% of nicotine.

Tugboat Ultra 6000 Puffs

The Tugboat vape blinking light kit comes with disposable e-liquid that contains around 5% of synthetic nicotine. The recharging device can be charged using a Type-C USB cable. Each device comes with approximately 6000 puffs.

How Long Does It Last?

The Tugboat disposable vaping kit lasts according to your vaping preference and frequency. Each vaping pod comes with 6000 puffs. So, depending on your vaping frequency, the vaping kit may last between one week and one month.

How to Charge Tugboat Vape?

The Tugboat vape price in India varies depending on various factors. The recharge vaping pens are available at an affordable cost at our online store. Charging the device is easy; you can follow the steps below to charge it.
• Gently take the bottom piece out.
• You will find the USB charger socket.
• Attach the vaping pen to your charger's USB cable.
• The device will start getting charged.

Typically, charging the device fully takes around 30-40 minutes.

How to Refill Tugboat Vape?

The Tugboat vape tank is disposable; you can remove it from the vaping pen when it empties. You need to attach a new disposable vape in place of the empty vape.


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