Bring Sophistication in Vaping with RANDM TORNADO Disposable Vape 10000 Puffs

RandM Tornado is a popular brand in the vaping industry. The company is particularly known for introducing disposable vaping pens with massive 10000 puffs. More puffs mean a longer vaping duration without the hassles of changing the e-liquid. The e-liquid comes with a volume of 20 ML, which can serve you for a month, depending on your vaping frequency. Explore more than 31 flavors for RandM Tornado disposable 10000 puffs at our online store.


RANDM TORNADO Disposable Vape 10000 PUFFS

The RANDM TORNADO disposable vape devices have an airflow control feature that helps control the nicotine vapor intake. The 20 ML e-juice contains 5% nicotine salt to render around 10000 puffs. The company teases customers with more than 30 vaping flavors.

These disposable vaping devices are lightweight to provide amazing portability. On the other hand, the airflow control feature helps you to adjust the nicotine intake to reach the most satisfying vaping experience. You will find a USB Type-C port at the bottom of the device. Connecting to a USB Type-C cable will recharge the battery, and a fully charged device can serve you for an entire day.


Which Flavor Is the Best in RandM Tornado 10000?

RandM Tornado e-juice comes in 31 distinctive flavors to suit your mood and vaping preferences. Different people have different taste preferences. Therefore, buyers are recommended to choose one or multiple flavors according to their preferences. Blue Razz is a popular flavor among the vapers, while many people also like RandM Tornado mixed berries flavor. Some other popular flavors are gummy drops, rainbow candy, raspberry peach ice, etc.

The nicotine salt presence is a variable in RandM Tornado e-juices. For example, you can find options between zero to five percent nicotine salt. The options for the nicotine salt are 0, 2%, 3%, and 5%. So, you can choose a flavor with nicotine salt presence according to your preference.


Is There a 10000 Puff Vape?

Most disposable vaping devices you find in the marketplace offer between 5000 and 8000 puffs. Therefore, it is hard to find 10000 puffs unless you know about the RandM Tornado disposable vapes. RandM Tornado is a rare vaping device manufacturer offering e-juices with 10000 puffs capacity.

Since these are disposable vapes, you need to change the e-liquid after completing the 10000 puffs. The e-liquid tank cannot be refilled after completing 10000 puffs. Users, on average, can observe that 10000 puffs last more than a month for them.

Why Does My R&M Tornado Taste Burnt?


A burnt taste of RandM Tornado vape suggests that the e-liquid has emptied on the wick of the atomizer coil. The wick typically soaks the e-liquid and fetches it to the atomizer coil. A heated coil converts the e-liquid into vapor, giving you a flavored vaping experience.

Getting a burnt taste from the vaping pen means you need to change the e-liquid. The RandM Tornado vaping pens are disposable when the e-liquid tank is empty. You can continue to enjoy vaping with a new e-liquid from RandM Tornado.



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