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Nasty Mango Strawberry Nicotine Salt - Cush Man Salt

Nasty Mango Strawberry Nicotine Salt - Cush Man Salt

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Nasty Juice Cushman Mango Strawberry presents us with yet another combination of everybody's top flavours, mangoes and strawberries. In the Cushman series, Nasty takes their beloved mango flavor and intertwines it with other flavors to enliven and extend your enjoyment of their classic mango flavor.

First off, we can clearly taste the mango flavor more than the strawberry in our 0.5ohm setup. In terms of the strawberry flavor in this blend, it tastes of strawberry candy strawberry that you find in sweets or lollies. The strawberry flavor is quite light and in the background. The yellow mango here tastes sweet, ripe and luscious. In our testing, the yellow mango flavor is very clearly identifiable with strong aroma and thick with a heavy mouthfeel. The flavor and aroma of mango hits us more than the strawberries. We would say that this blend is maybe 70% mango and 30% strawberries.

Nasty Juice Cushman Mango Strawberry is a delectable fruity vape flavour that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for fruity vapes. A smooth exhale leaves your tastebuds wondering which you like better, mangoes? Or strawberries? What you're certain of is that you'll need another vape to decide!

Featuring a high level of sweetness, get this if you like sweet fruity vape juices.

  • 30ml salt quantity
  • Choose strength level with choice- 35mg & 50mg
  • 50VG/50PG
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Prashant Rawat .
Good and needs a little change

Mango Flavour is good.
Strawberry is weak in it, need more strawberry juice in it.

Crackling taste and Awesome vape

Mango's sweet is little on the higher side. Still feels great. Awesome flavour.

Nomitha Prabha

Nasty Mango Strawberry Nicotine Salt - Cush Man Salt

Sagar Babu

As someone had mentioned, it's like mango bite 😀

Harish Naidu

Good service,quality of the product is excellent,Shopping experience is smooth & shipping is fast.I had a good experience.