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Super Portable and Easy-to-Use Uwell Caliburn Pods

Uwell is a revolutionary brand in the vaping industry due to its unique flavors and user-friendly vaping pods. The company manufactures pod devices with nic salt vaping technology. An intense flavor is one of the major highlights of the device. Every passionate vaper must try the Caliburn vaping pods from Uwell for a ravishing vaping experience. Check out our online store's wide range of Uwell Caliburn vaping pod collections.

What Is Uwell?

The popularity of vaping has triggered the introduction of several vaping brands, and Uwell is one of those leading brands. Launched in 2015, this brand has introduced unique vaping flavors for e-cigarette lovers. The pod-style vaping devices from this company are immensely popular among buyers.
The company has a profound research and development team to innovate high-quality devices and unique vaping flavors. Both beginners and seasoned vapers can purchase vaping kits from this company and enjoy a rejuvenating vaping experience.

What Is Uwell Caliburn Used for?

The Caliburn is the first-ever vaping pod introduced in the marketplace by Uwell. These vaping pens are well-known for their sub-ohm tanks. The vaping pens contain a top filling system with a 2 ML capacity. Furthermore, the pod contains 1.4 Ohm parallel coils with a dual firing system.

Caliburn also boasts a lightweight and slim design. Therefore, you can easily carry the device anywhere in your pocket. The 690 mAh battery has enough capacity to serve you for the whole day when fully charged. Users should connect the device to the USB port to charge it.

How Long Do Uwell Caliburn Pods Last?

An average user can enjoy vaping using Uwell Caliburn pods for 1.5 to 2 weeks. The pod will last even longer for the infrequent vapers. The heating coil wearing of Caliburn pods is common after 14-17 days. When you get a burnt flavor, it is the right time to replace the pod.

What Pods Are Compatible with Uwell Caliburn?

UWell pod users should change the Caliburn pods after 15 days to continue enjoying a smooth and hassle-free vaping experience. You can purchase the Caliburn G pods kit to replace the pods. Alternatively, the Uwell KOKO Prime pods are also compatible with the Caliburn pods. Buyers can choose any flavor from a range of different flavors.

Which Pod Is Best in Caliburn?

The Caliburn G2 is an upgraded version of the Cliburn G vaping pod. In Caliburn G2, you will get an updated cartage, which has a volume of 2 ML. The G2 vaping pods also come with a progressive airflow adjustment system, which allows you to change the nicotine vapor volume in every puff.

Instead of Caliburn G and G2 pods, buyers can also switch to super sleek Caliburn A2 pods. The A2 pods are more user-friendly than the Caliburn G pods. Moreover, the A2 pods have been designed to omit vapor leaks to ensure a seamless vaping experience.


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